90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the UK’s top Bing game that is enjoyed by all since its dawn in 1960’s where it was taken to British Bingo Halls. The game is named after the amount of Balls that are in play and to participate a player must have at least one card. Although more gives you a bigger chance to win! With every card the player will have 15 numbers which is laid out as three horizontal lines of 5 numbers. If a player is to win they must have 3 complete patters. These are as follows: first there must be a complete single line across the card, second must be two lines across and finally is filling all the numbers on the strip which is called a Full House. The prize will increase with the successful patterns but the big payout comes with the first to get a Full House

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is the most popular Bingo with our western cousins the Americans and Canadians. Similarly to 95 Ball this game is named in correlation with the amount of Balls that the game has in play. You are still eligible to play with just the one card and the maximum is capped at 24 and the aim is to be the first player to have the pre-determined pattern. These can include shapes and symbols like hearts, flowers, stars and many more.


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BPS stands for Bingo Points which in turn can be traded for cards. To win Bingo Points players could get them for just buying cards and also through our chat rooms that are available.


With a ticket players can then enter into a bingo game. These cards are generated in a totally randomised order when a player purchases them. To be involved in the game a player must hold at least 1 card which can cost between 5p-£1. If a player is not happy with the numbers that they are given then they can click “GET NEW CARDS” for a new batch.

Chat Lingo

Some of our patter in the chats can be difficult to decipher but not to fear. WTG (way to go), BRB (be right back) and WD (well done) seem to be our most common acronyms.

Chat Rooms

Here you can casually interact with other player and some questions you have answered.

Coverall Games

The aim of these coverall 75 ball games is to very simply cover all the 25 squares and then they get the win!


This is the amount of money that you have in your bingo account at one time

Deposit Bonus

This is the bonus that a player will receive after making a deposit.

Funded Player

Someone that has money in their account with their debit/credit card then they are referred to as a Funded Player.

Game Patterns

Various game patters are present in games like 75-Ball such as alphabet letters and numbers.

Game Rooms

There are an abundance of game rooms available on our game site such as 75-ball bingo and 90-ball.

Instant Win Games

There is more to a superb site other than just bingo rooms as we do offer up Instant Win Games. The fact that these games open in a new window allows players to multi task and play multiple instant win games at once or even some Bingo games.

Wins and losses in these games will automatically amend our account to a live balance.

My Account

When clicking this icon players will be taken to their account details which will include, transactions and funding plus great bingo games.


This is when the money that you have won will be paid out through credit or debit card which is set to your account. This can be requested from a player at any time.

Pending Period

Once a player has taken money out of their account they will have a 48 hour window to put the money back in.

Progressive Jackpots

In these games a pot of money builds up every time a player buys cards. The size of the jackpot will increase every time a game is played until the jackpot is won. To win this game you must be in a specific progressive jackpot game and have bingo in a certain amount of calls.

Redeem Points

This is where bingo points are changed for bingo cards.


This is a player who you are playing with or are in the chat room with.


This is the amount that you have put on a stake in a game.


The money that players take out of their account and is put back into the registered debit or credit card.