Chat games

We have some amazing chat hosts, rooms and games here. Our chat games are a fun way to get to know your chat hosts and fellow roomies, while having the opportunity to win some bonus points. Settle yourself down and we’ll tell you all about them.

All you have to do to get involved with these fabulous games is make sure that your account is funded and then join a bingo room and buy some bingo cards. The chat window will appear to the right, and if the room is hosted, there will be chat games. The host will explain the current chat game that is being played and any rules for the game.

Some of the chat games played in our bingo rooms include Racehorse, Pour Me A Double, Daily Special, Singles, Trio and Get In Line.

Our chat games do have some rules which the host will explain before the game starts, and the Chat Host's decision is final when it comes to awarding points.