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Meet Slingo the slots, bingo crossover that has quickly become a fan-favourite with Cheeky Bingo players.

The original games delivered an exciting combination of 75-ball bingo and slot games while some of the newer variants are based on popular board games like Monopoly board games and TV shows, like Deal or No Deal.

The aim is to match symbols by spinning the reels at the bottom of the screen and creating lines (or Slingos) above it.

It’s a unique and fun concept that’s ideal for players who are looking to discover the fun that can only come when you combine slots and bingo games.

How to Play Slingo Games

Most Slingo games have tons of different themes as we’ve touched on, but a lot of them have similar symbols.

Many of them will have the Joker, Super Joker, and the Devil. The Joker lets you cross off any number and lets you cross off any grid number in the same column. The Super Joker, which will let you mark off any number on the grid, and the Devil who’ll block you from getting a match!

You make slingos by marking off lines of numbers on the grid either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you complete the whole grid, that's where the real prize awaits..

Cheeky Slingo Games

There are tons of Slingo games you can have a Cheeky Moment with like Slingo Riches! It gives you eleven spins at the start of each game, and any lines that you create gain you a prize at the end.

You can also win free spins and benefit from wild symbols as you play. The top payout is worth an impressive 200 times your bet.

Then there’s Slingo Extreme which offers you a more nail-biting playing experience thanks to its top jackpot of 2,000x your stake and the presence of Super Joker and Devil symbols.

Crossword Cash is another type of instant win, and rather than giving you spins, you get 18 letters which you must try and match with the letters in the crossword grid.

If you enjoy playing Irish-themed slots like Rainbow Riches and Kiss Me Clover, you’ll fall head over heels with our instant win, Rainbow Fortunes.

The aim is to reveal three identical symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and while you’re hunting for matches, you could also be lucky enough to trigger the Lucky Barrel Bonus or the Pots O’ Gold Bonus.

Why Play Slingo at Cheeky Bingo

Cheeky Bingo brings you the very best of Slingo, from favourites like Slingo Starburst to twists on TV classics like Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. With classics like these, Slingo is the perfect Cheeky Moment maker!

Other Games at Cheeky Bingo

As well as our top Slingo games, we also have Cheeky’s Jackpots! There’s the ‘One for All’ that drops once a week, between 21:00 UK time and everyone who enters will get a share! Then there is ‘Have Your Moment’ which drops when it reaches £100 and can drop multiple times a day. Thirdly, there’s ‘Go Dutch’ which is split between one lucky random Cheeky and everyone else who qualifies. It drops when it reaches £1,000.

You can discover all this and more through our app-solutely amazing app that’s always up to date with top-notch promos, offers, challenges and games!

Slingo FAQ’s

Where can I play Slingo?

At Cheeky Bingo of course! We’ve got tons of Slingo variants for you to make loads of Cheeky Moments with!

Who invented Slingo?

Slingo was invented by Sal Falciglia from New Jersey, USA in 1994. He worked as a property developer but always had a passion for slots and bingo. It all started after he toiled away in his basement to combine his love of the two games and created the first Slingo game! There’s even a 20th anniversary remake of it that you can play here.

Can I win real money playing Slingo?

Yep! It’s a real money casino game but there are some dummy versions that you can practice on if you want to try it without paying.