Thrilling Thursdays

Start the weekend early by winning a share of £10K each Thursday!

There’s £10K Up for Grabs Every Thursday!

We’re heading into the weekend early and giving away £10,000 every Thursday!

You can get your hands on a share of this sum in our online bingo rooms each Thursday. Card prices start from as little as 1p.

Take a look at the exciting games we have lined up:

Game Time Prize Game Room Card Prize
Night Owls Midnight - 2am £200 every half an hour 90 Ball Jackpots 50p
Late Night Bingo Delights Midnight - 8am £100 Jackpot prebuy 75 Ball Jackpots 25p
Morning Rush Hour 8am - 9am £300 in Jackpot games 75 & 90 Ball Jackpots 10p
Lunch Time Sliders 1pm- 4pm 4 x £300 sliders every hour 90 Ball Jackpots 25p
Penny Pusher 4pm - 5pm £100 in Jackpot games 90 Ball Jackpots 1p
Tea 2TG 4pm - 7pm Over £1,000 in 1TG and 2TG games 75 Ball Jackpots 15p
After Dinner Delights 7pm - Midnight Over £3,000 in Jackpot games 75 & 90 Ball Jackpots 10p - 25p

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