Whacky Wednesdays

We must be crazy giving away £10K every Wednesday!

There’s a Crazy £10K Up for Grabs Every Wednesday!

We must have gone crazy because we’re giving away £10,000 in our online bingo rooms every single Wednesday!

Get your hands on a share of this whopping sum every Wednesday in our mix of fantastic bingo games. You can buy cards from as little as 1p.

Look at our wild plans for this hump-day:

Game Time Prize Game Room Card Prize
Night Owls Midnight - 2am £200 every half an hour 90 Ball Jackpots 50p
Late Night Bingo Delights Midnight - 8am £100 Jackpot prebuy 75 Ball Jackpots 25p
Morning Rush Hour 8am - 9am £300 in Jackpot games 75 & 90 Ball Jackpots 10p
Lunch Time Sliders 1pm- 4pm 4 x £300 sliders every hour 90 Ball Jackpots 25p
Penny Pusher 4pm - 5pm £100 in Jackpot games 90 Ball Jackpots 1p
Tea 2TG 4pm - 7pm Over £1,000 in 1TG and 2TG games 75 Ball Jackpots 15p
After Dinner Delights 7pm - Midnight Over £3,000 in Jackpot games 75 & 90 Ball Jackpots 10p - 25p

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